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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 6, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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labor day takes on a new meaning with nearly 15 million americans out of work. a couple local big game to kick off the college football season. it's a traffic that's so dreaded in our area, it is called terrible tuesday. we begin tonight with a fire that killed dozens of race horses in a stable. good evening. >> the flame broke out about 5:00 this morning at stables next to the charlestown races in west virginia. dozens of horses died in that fire. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: it happened in the dark hours of the morning. >> how high were the flames? >> in my estimation, 40 feet above the roof of the building. >> reporter: how hot was the fire? >> intense.
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>> reporter: the worst horse barn fire in charlietown in recent memory. >> this is the worst i know of. i've been here since 1974. >> reporter: 27 thoroughbreds lost. three barns destroyed on a labor day people here will never forget. what does something like this do to the horse community around this track? >> brings them together. brings them together. i'm sorry. a lot of these people, this is their life. >> reporter: i talk to donny, he was one of the first on the scene. he saw the transformer and that utility pole on fire. within seconds, that fire spread into the horse barn. there was smoke everywhere and a mad race to save those horses. >> you could just hear them yelling. been in and trying to get out. and they were burning up, you know? smoke ventilation and
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everything. >> reporter: this is the aftermath. twisted, scorched earth, unrecognizable debris. it took 40 firefighters more than 40 minutes to get it under control. and these, these are some of the survivors. some of the 26 horses let loose and then rounded up after the fire was subdued. they found two at a 7-eleven. about a mile away. and these, these are some more survivors. a litter of kittens rescued by firefighters who sifted through ashes, looking for signs of life. >> this makes the day seem a little brighter. it brings happiness to such devastation. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news4, charlestown, west virginia. >> sadly, late this afternoon authorities found the bodies of two more horses inside the barn. that brings the total number of
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horses lost in that fire to 29. it was a drive-by shooting last night. three people injured including two teenage girls. it happened about 7:00 last night in the clay terrace neighborhood in northeast d.c. witnesses told detectives there was a large crowd gathered around 53rd street when suddenly gunshots erupted. two girls, 14 and 15 years old, were hit. a 21-year-old man was also shot. police say one of the victims has life threatening injuries. in prince george's county, the police are investigating a string of violent robberies in college park. the student at the university of maryland was approached by four men while walking on hartwick road early yesterday morning. the student was tackled by one of the suspects while another one stole his wallet. this attack come on the heefl four similar incidents over the last two weeks. most of the attacks are happening between 2:00 and 4:00
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in the morning. it's labor day. but president obama didn't take today off. he traveled to milwaukee today unveiling a new plan designed to create jobs. the $50 billion program includes money to rebuild roads, railways and runways. the white house says the plan will help bring down the 9.6% unemployment rate but those jobs won't be created until next year. republicans say that's too late and they also say that plan is too expensive. but today, president obama wasn't backing down. >> yes, we can. remember, that was our slogan. their slogan is no, we can't. no, no, no. >> the program will be a hard sell to democrats who are fighting to maintain control of congress. many are reluctant to approve any more spending, especially during election season. many elected leaders work on labor day. they're about campaigning and walking in parades.
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in kensing top, maryland, a parade in a street festival that included many politicians that are up for re-election. among them, maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown and attorney general doug gentzler. they turned out for those. the campaigning continued elsewhere in montgomery county. bob ehrlich visited the parade. the republican trying to win back his old job from martin o'malley. there were appearances from many community groups. for some this labor day became a reminder of tough job market. it was a common theme throughout the festivities. >> reporter: the green belt labor day parade. a little slice of modern americana mixed in with the old classic traditions. a sign to mark the end of sum we are the kids and the neighbors
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and the flags and the campaigners. in an election year, your typical labor day parade has more office holders, office seekers than the supporters, and perhaps spectators. but if the spectators could talk to the people who are running for office, what would they say about labor? >> i'm basically worried about my line of work. pretty slow and looking to speed it up with what i'm doing. it is really slow. >> i know they have to pick up trash every day. i'm not really worried about my job. >> reporter: elsewhere in the area, some chose to pass labor gay a cookout or fishing. here, too, they're mindful of those who cast their lines hoping to land a job. >> there are jobs but unfortunately, small businesses and some large businesses, even some government agencies are like picky about who they want to choose and who they want to bring on. you have to be almost overqualified to get minimal positions. and it is really tough.
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>> just ask bob about that. he said the physical handicap and the lack of mobility have pushed him out of the ranks of the unemployed and looking to the ranks of the just unemployed. >> my family constantly struggles to make ends meet day to day. and i'm trying to chip in to help them out. >> reporter: still on a traditional labor day weekend even amid gloomy job numbers, another american tradition. optimism. >> the country will be despondent. >> reporter: news4. ashley looks to the traffic as people return home from the beach after a long holiday weekend. hi, ashley. >> reporter: we certainly do have drivers out there. it is starting to stack up. will he look at the toll plaza. you can see, a healthy amount of volume. no big traffic. you will be jammed up from 404 toward the outlet center and then toward the bay bridge.
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you can see that pace does improve. 95, no major problems to report in this camera shot. northbound drivers are picking up a great deal of volume. so pretty heavy coming from spotsylvania. but closer to the capital beltway and southbound drivers are wide open. so not as bad as it could be. certainly threatening to stack up. we had an earlier major accident. it has been cleared but northbound 301 is still a huge amount. plan ahead and avoid it for the next several hours. back to you. >> thanks. big college football games today in our area. navy going head to head with the university of maryland. and in a game with national implications, virginia tech taking on boise state. >> lindsay czarniak has a look at it. >> reporter: college fans are looking at one of the biggest nonconference match-ups. virginia tech plays number three
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boise state tonight at fed-ex. maryland trying to improve from last year's 2-10 season taking on navy. things so far not going well for the midshipmen. the terps lead it 14-7. to baltimore, navy and maryland renewing their rivalry. the second time since '65 in baltimore. first quarter, the terps got 7-0 looking for more. gavin goes straight up, right down the side line. 67 yards until he is knocked out of bounds. the navy 13 yard line. four plays later to put maryland up 14-0. they would get on board early in the second quarter. andre takes the pitch from ricky dobbs. he races around. ten yards for the score. maryland leads 14-7. by the way they've fumbled twice at the maryland goal line. we will have much more on this game in a preview of the other
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that i mentioned coming up in sports. metro will stay open late to get football fans home from the game. it will close at 1:00 in the morning instead of midnight. the last train will leave at 12:24. the morgan boulevard station at 12:27. coming up tonight, a judge has dismissed charges against two people accused of trying extort money from john travolta. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters chant death to america. we'll tell you about a health danger that could be linked to low-carb diets. doug, looking good out there. >> a beautiful day out there and a great labor day weekend for most of us. what about the rest of the week? a lot of us heading ba
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a judge in the bahamas has dismissed charges at john travolta's request. they were accused of asking for $25 million to withhold private details about the death of travolta's teenage son. jet travolta died in the bahamas in 2009. in a state, travolta said the case dragged on and it took a heavy emotional toll on his family. so the family decided to put the matter behind them. for the second time in less than a week, a woman has been burned in the face in an acid attack. the latest one happened on friday in mesa, arizona. a 41-year-old woman was in a parking lot of her apartment building. she was approached by a woman she said she didn't know. the woman threw a cupful of acid in her face. police stay woman was targeted by her attacker who never said a
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word. >> she looked at me with these eyes as if she was saying something. but it immediately started to burn. i was on fire. i kept screaming, somebody poured acid on me. call 911. >> that woman suffered second-degree burns on her face and shoulders. the same thing happened to a woman in vancouver three days earlier. neither victim knows why they were targeted. police have not arrested anybody in either case. there was another deadly taliban attack in pakistan today. a suicide bomber rammed his car into a police station in northwest pakistan. at least 19 people were killed including nine policemen. two victims were children. they were killed when the bomber hit a school van before he slam into the back wall of the police station. the bomb destroyed the building. pakistan's taliban claimed responsibility. a pastor in florida has
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enflamed anti-american sentiment in afghanistan. today, hundreds of protesters in kabul chanted death to america. they also burned pastor terry jones in effigy. he is the leader of the dove world outreach center in gainesville, florida. the pastor plans to burn copy of the koran on church grounds to mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. the u.s. embassy issued a statement condemning it. preparations are underway for the final phase of sealing the well that caused a gulf oil disaster. investigators are also going over an important piece of equipment that was recovered saturday nature. it is called the blowout preventer. engineers spent 30 hours raising it from the ocean floor one mile benieces the surface of the sea. >> reporter: after being lifted from the sea this week, the
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300-ton piece of metal, once attached to the rig, will back crucial source of information. the blowout preventer fade to do its job the night of april 20th when the well exploded. understanding why it didn't work could prevent future disasters. bp's well site leader said the ultimate tribute to the 11 men who died in the fiery blast. >> i think of their families. i think of each and everyone of them. i think these guys, they deserve this. they deserve this to come up. we need to find out not only for them and their memories but for the industry. i know that they would want it no other way. >> reporter: a new blowout preventer was install on the well and now as the investigation moves forward, so do final preparations for the bottom kill effort at the leak site. this week bp may begin drilling the last remaining feed of a relief well to expect the damaged rig. then from the bottom, the wells will be filled with mud and semi. the permanent seal comes as officials stay danger of another
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leak is over. >> the swell does not constitute a threat. >> reporter: a now infamous well that was the source of the worst environmental disaster in american history. leeanne gregg, nbc news. >> coming up, a roadside rescue after a fiery car crash. doug will join us and tells us it will get a little warmer out there. >> reporter: we're coming down to the last week
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three sheriff's deputies, it happened on interstate 75 near macon yesterday morning. police say a 56-year-old man was trapped in his burning car after he slammed into a guardrail. there were several explosions as the three deputies work the get him out of there. they're being credited with saving that man's life. the deputies say they were just doing what they were trained to do. >> a lucky guy. so doug is here with the forecast. it is good to be the weatherman, isn't it? >> it really is. labor day weekend, memorial day weekend. those are the two in the summer that you want good weather. especially when you're telling the weather. as a matter of fact, i want to show you some pictures. remember ocean city? i was down there on friday. we stayed a little while. our photographer took some
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fantastic pictures. these waves look like they're straight out of hawaii. this is ocean city, maryland. 5:30, the life guards went out. they said goodbye and the surfers said hello to some beautiful waves. look at that guy. they were all just taking off. what a great night it was after earl made its way off to the north and east. great weather for us during the day. we saw our temperature today of 87 degrees. a low this morning of 62. the average high is around 82 degrees. a little warmer than average. nice and warm and really a great die this labor day. a lot of people heading back from the beaches. 85 degrees right now. a heat index of 83. our dew point is really low. around 49. humidity only 29%. it is a very dry atmosphere and therefore, nothing on the radar picture. i don't expect to see any rain toe next week. we do need to see some rain next best chance for rain is at least, i think, close to a week
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away. 85 degrees in d.c. 76 degrees by 9:00, 72 by 11:00. 65 tomorrow morning around 5:00 a.m. temperature around 67 degrees with men of sunshine, i think. no clouds across our area. we have some clouds offshore. some cloudiness toward the north and west of the region, but for us, men of sunshine, clear skies. that there be case overnight. and sbreel the next couple days. we have high pressure sitting over the region. it will stay here. and we'll warm up. the winds will shift out of the southwest. that will bring temperatures to near 90 degrees during the day on tuesday. and then we'll watch a frontal boundary. this front will ease on through on wednesday. probably early enough on wednesday that we won't hit 90. i still think we'll be nice and warm during the day on wednesday. a day similar to what we had out there. but cooler weather making its way in here late in the day wednesday and especially into the day thursday and friday. we have some fantastic weather
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coming up. the tropical satellite, a lot going on in the tropics. we have the remnants of gaston which could in fact develop, make its way to the west. and then we have a new tropical storm making its way very close to the area. a hurricane watch, tropical storm warnings as well. they could easily see six to eight inches of rain there. they're seeing some flash flood watches to the south texas. for most of the area, the rest of the tropics fairly quiet for now after a very, very active two weeks. clear skies. they take on boise state. what a game that will be at fed-ex field. 71 to 78 degrees. that's a game time temperature. about 76. tomorrow morning, clear skies, feeling good. 56 to 65, sunrise around 6:42. as we make our way through the day, another gray day. men of sunshine warming up but still comfortable. low human, 87 to 90 degrees. as we move through the next couple days, how about this?
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86 on wednesday. then 78 on thursday. 78 on friday. a fantastic friday. i think the great weather continues on sar. but then we need to see some rain out here and we do have a good chance, i think, on sunday and into monday as the storm system moves by. it doesn't look like a lot of rain. we need to it help. >> looks good. doesn't it though? >> really does. a danger linked to some low carbohydrate diets. officials in maryland are investigating claims of voter fraud. the roads are not too traffic congested but by this time tomorrow, it could be bumper-to-bumper. the school buses will roll once again tomorrow. we'll look at the last-minute preparations coming up. the top ten showdown at fed-ex field. and reaction from redskins park about the latest
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summer is over. starring tomorrow morning for hundred of thousands of children in our area, there will be a big change in northern virginia traffic. that's because thousands of school buses will be on the road. >> in fairfax county, 175,000 kids are headed back to class. >> reporter: the buss are ready to roll in the largest school district. school signs flash their welcome back messages. the countdown to september 7 is almost over and so is the race to gather up school supplies. this mom and son duo got a later start than usual and they're hoping a one-stop shop at an office supply store will do the trick. >> i'm hoping this is the last of it. we just got this yesterday.
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i told them we would go home and check the list and make sure we have everything. >> reporter: this couple brought their list to the store and left the kids behind at home. >> today is the last day they can watch tv during the week. >> reporter: patricia did most of her back-to-school shopping on the tax-free weekend in early august. even now found good deals. >> five books, five composition books. >> reporter: some parents will be paying for more than school supplies in the coming year. a tight budget mean a new $100 activity fee will particular in. the families will have to pay $75 for ap and other tests. the worst of the budget ku were avoided which mean this fourth grade her continue in japanese immersion. a program for a time last winter was on the chopping block. it mean?
6:31 pm
>> i go to that elementary school. >> we fought hard to keep these program. >> reporter: as for whether the kids are happy to be heading back depends on who you ask. even within the family, there is a difference of opinion. >> i want to go back to school to see my friends but i don't want to start school and do school work. >> i'm tired watching tv all day. >> one thing the girl are all sure of, the all important first day back to school outfit. >> blue gym shorts, white abercrombie shir. >> you planned your whole week of clothes? >> yes, i have. >> reporter: julie carrey, news4. tens. thousands of student in other districts also go back to school tomorrow. they include students in prince william, stafford, loudoun, and arlington, and in the city. alexander re. a others went back to school at the end of august. going to spend some extra time on the road tomorrow themselves call it terrible
6:32 pm
traffic tuesday. even year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of the worst commutes in the d.c. area. aaa says born 1.5 million drivers will be on the roads. the busiest part will be, along northern virginia to the i-270 spur. travel experts say should you plan ahead and use mass transit if you can. metro is on schedule to have red line maintenance work wrapped up for the morning commute. right now the glen mont, wheaton, silver spring and takoma stop are closed. crews are making repairs for cell phone access. met voe offering free shuttle service between the stations. d.c. mayor adrian fenty and his challenge ervin send gray, both were all over the city. the campaign for mayor heads into its final week.
6:33 pm
>> they should have about 200 people up there. >> reporter: on labor day, vince gray's campaign was making certain workers had enough water. and supplies for every get out the vote effort. it was the typical week schedule to rally his troops. >> we've worked very hard trying to make sure that the people we know supporting us have gotten to the polls. we're taking absolutely nothing for granted. >> reporter: he drew support from michelle rhee who campaigned with him saturday. she said she was campaigning as an individual on her own time to avoid violating the check with them campaigning in their official capacity. fenty has staked a lot of his campaign on the shake-up of the school system. a shake-up that's been both praised and condemned.
6:34 pm
it's the first city primary to include nearly two weeks of early voting putting the premium on get out the vote effort no mat chaer whatever the polls say. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> the d.c. councilmen stay police and the fbi are investigating a anonymous robocalls to his constituents. he is running for fewer material. residents in ward one have received two separate automated calls. he says the recordings attack his character and call him immoral. graham claims there are factual errors in those calls and he says several laws have been broken. >> they're illegal. because they're anonymous. mass telephone calls. and they're a very strik federal laws and regulations relating to identification of persons who sent these balls. otherwise you can imagine what
6:35 pm
would be happening to every election in america. you just say whatever you please. no identification and walk away. >> jeff smith says, we want to make it clear these calls are not associated wh our campaign or any known supporters and brian issued a similar statement saying, i can say 100% that these calls did not come from me, my campaign, nor anyone affiliated with my campaign. councilman graham says d.c. police and the fbi are looking into it. maryland's attorney general is looking into allegations of voter fraud in prince george's county. some candidates and democratic official say somebody is trying to mislead voters by sending out false sample ballots for the september 14th primary election. some of those ballots were passed out in the 26th district. they tell voters to support candidates who are not supported by the official democratic
6:36 pm
slate. the attorney general againler says the ballots are illegal and anyone connected with them could face charges. coming up, the grandmother was stranded in the forest for a week but nothing but a couple of cookies in her pocket. getting around the district can be difficult for the disabled but one man has figured out how to do it in style. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv.
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terrence. we've seen a great day on this labor day. if you're lucky enough to have a boat, take a look at the marina. it was beautiful day to get out of the potomac, get on the chesapeake bay no matter where you were, the weather was spectacular. as far as what we're seeing out there right now, the temperature are on the good side. 85 degrees currently in washington, d.c. baltimore coming in at 80
6:40 pm
degrees. manassas around 82 degrees and culpepper, virginia, a warm spot, 88 degrees. we're going to see more warm temperature during the day tomorrow. i think even warmer. 90 in washington noork in warrenton. i dotted you're seal a little of that bay breeze coming in, hoping the cool thing off. what will we be seeing over the next couple days? 86 on your wednesday. then a frontal boundary moves through. that will clear us out and cool us down. 78 on thursday. 78 on friday. low temperature around the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. both thursday morning and friday morning. and taking a look at the extended, the next chance of rain doesn't come until late in the week or early next week. guys? >> looks good. thank you. some popular low carbohydrate diets of course tied to higher mortality rate for both men and. we low-carb diets, some of them encourage eating more meat instead of carbohydrates.
6:41 pm
researchers at harvard found diets high in animal fats and proteins are associated with higher mortality rates. however, vegetable based low-carb diets are associated with lower mortality rate. it is linked to specific fatty acids and proteins found in meat. a pet food company is recalling some dog treats because of a possible salmonella contamination. the hearts mountain corporation is voluntarily recalling 74,000 bags of heart's natural real beef treats for dogs. the company says one or more dogs may have been potentially contaminated with salmonella. the bags in question have a lot code beginning with bz. the company says it hasn't gotten any reports of animals or humans becoming ill. fans of fantasy football could score some big deal in restaurants that have been hit pretty hard by the economy lately. restaurant such as david and buster, buffalo while wing and hooters are enticing fantasy
6:42 pm
football fans with special promotions. they include free room, gift cards, and season ticket coupons. the restaurants hope the deals will lure fantasy football fans to eat out more during the football season. with the estimated 20 million fans in fantasy football leagues. that could translate into a big bump in their profits. >> 20 million? >> 20 million. >> i want to give a tip. it if you draft the redskins defense, it might not be a bad idea. if anyone is asking my opinion. >> a good call. thank you. >> very true. one player is questionable but we'll talk about that coming up in sport. mike shanahan evaluates albert haynesworth. you know why? we're going to put it to bed once and for all. and tonight at fed-ex field, the hokies will have their hands full. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment.
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the last time that doreen and i were watching, they're still 14-7. >> it was close but they tied it up. and this is such a big deal. these teams never play each other. this is only the second time in 45 years. maryland needs to turn it on. they've lost a couple of ample opportunities. 30-mile distance accept race maryland and navy and there are big time bragging rights on the line. navy trying to build on the strong season they had. the terps trying to rebound from that 2-10 experience many thought would be the end for the head coach. the school gave him another
6:46 pm
chance and after taking advantage of navy's turnover troubles, the terps find themselves struggling. we're in baltimore. navy and maryland at the start renewing their rivalry today. just the second time since '65 in baltimore. first quarter, terps strike first. they take the pitch, go left for the end zone five yards for the touchdown. scott there with the pretty play and maryland is up 7-0. still in the first quarter, the terps up. gavin takes it down the side line. that's some speed on his heels. 67 yards. he is knocked out of bounds. the navy, 13. he would score four plays later to put maryland up 14-0. they would get on early in the second. andre takes it around the left end. ten yards for the score. maryland led 14-7 at half. then fumbled it twice. look at the coach. not too happy. fighting for his guys.
6:47 pm
third quarter, navy gets it going. greg jones on the reverse. goes 55 yards to the maryland 23 yard line. that is nice. sets up a navy touchdown. right now, we are tied 14 -- 17-14, i should say. i'm just being told that navy has taken maryland -- maryland has taken the lead. that's television. maryland has taken the lead. i'm getting these message. one of the most anticipated nonconference match-ups of the season takes place. number ten, virginia tech and number three, boise state face-off at fed-ex field. the game was supposed to be plait played later in the fall but both team agreed to mift so they do play on a national stage to start the season. so it doesn't necessarily ruin any shot but it sure creates a league situation for either team involved. the hokies, no stranger to starting the season with tough competition. last year, frank beamer took virginia tech down to atlanta to face off against number five-ranked alabama. the hokies fought hard against
6:48 pm
the crimson tied but lost to the eventual national champions. they went on to a 10-3. not from a power conference but the broncos head to fed-ex with two bcs bowl wins. and number three ranking the aspiration. they know the hokeries going to have their hands full. >> boise state, ghef players. they coach, they are very fish in running the offense, the defense, the special teams. certainly deserving of the high ranking they have. it will take a great game for us to have a chance to beat these guys. >> frank beamer knows they will have their hands full. and a lot of the redskins, they were like, will he wrap up practice quick. seriously, everyone is heading out there. you know, he went to virginia tech. albert haynesworth, and i think
6:49 pm
we should put this to bed. i think the situation is done. he played 49 of 55 plays against the arizona cardinals. much more than anybody thought he would. then over the weekend reports were that the coaches weren't pleased at all with his performance. the bottom line is, he is still working toward the point where he can be a key contributor in the defense. he is not there yet. but this is a train that after a very long journey, is coming closer to pulling into the station. let to go redskins park. albert haynesworth was on the field today with his teammates. you could see he was visibly hustling, getting after it out there in practice. the team says that he will see time. it is not clear how much on sun against the cowboys. he would not talk after practice, as we were there when albert haynesworth walked off the field with all of his teammates. mike shanahan says the reason he is not yet a key component, not necessarily for such a lack of effort but really the time that he needs to get the hang of the system. >> it is not just the effort. you have to get used to the technique.
6:50 pm
so take a couple different positions. it will be tough. that's just part of it. but he worked hard. he made a few mistakes here and there. he is getting better. >> having a different demeanor about it. kind of changing his way. i haven't paid attention. the time that i saw him, he was catching on and realized this man, he is dead serious. he wants to play, he wants to be throughout with the first group. he had to be on the program. >> tough on the field. no matter what has been said, it is all about winning games. we need to go out and win. he said he agreed. that's what it is all about. hopefully, you know, he'll get some plays in the game. and get some plays to the side. i don't know what's going to happen. i don't know if i'm dressing. it is hard to say right now. if he is out there on the feel, he will make plays. nothing else matters. >> so phillip daniels and the rest of the teammates are trying to make it as easy as possible
6:51 pm
for him to focus and keep all this to the side. get throughout and face the cowboys. >> if he ever get into his game. >> and every team know that. >> according to defensive coordinator jim haslett. it doesn't mat here starts and who doesn't. everyone plays an equal part. moving to baseball, you will not believe the gay danny espinosa the rookie had. let's go downtown. shortstop. call up from aaa last wednesday. bottom of the third. the mets were up 3-0. espinosa starts to come back. lifts that fly ball down the line and the ball gets out for his second career major league home run. the fans are going crazy. the nationals are down just two. bottom of the fifth. two runners on. he is that i roger comes in to score. the nats up 7-3. two rbis so far. bottom of the sixth, bases
6:52 pm
loaded. nasa 8-3. espinosa delivers again a grand slam of the second deck in the right field. second homer of the game. third of his major league career. he fbz the day four for five. he got a curtain call from fans after the grand slam. he also, we should mention, got a shaving cream pie in his face. >> of course. >> that's a good day. >> a great day. shaving cream in your face is enough. then when you have all those hits, man. racking them up. >> coming up, the host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with
6:53 pm
pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
one of the little rock nine has died. jefferson thomas was one of the early heroes of the civil rights movement in a case that rocked the nation in 1957, thomas was one of the nine black students that integrated the all white central high school in little rock, arkansas. he did so under heavy military escort. he was one of the early cases to test the supreme court law outlawing racial segregation in public school. thomas died in ohio yesterday after a battle with pancreatic years old. there are more than 54 million americans with physical disabilities. almost half of them have a
6:56 pm
severe disability. transportation can be a particularly difficult barrier for those people. but we found a father and son team who are putting a new spin on personal mobility. kelly o'donnell has a report on what's driving their team. >> reporter: from inside this driver's cockpit, aaron is driving. >> it is the closest thing you'll ever get to being a super hero or being out in outer space. it is something else. >> his sci-fi castle turns heads in washington, d.c. riding low at seven miles an hour. >> i can get around faster and i can get around not being as afraid of the weather elements as i used to be. >> simple convenience that's are actually life changing for aaron. 27 years old, he has cerebral palsy. walking is a tiring challenge. unable to drive a car, he needs a safe commute to his job on
6:57 pm
capitol hill. >> were there concerns about how i would navigate and get around? yes, there were. >> reporter: out of that necessity rises the phoenix. an experimental battery powered machine. >> you have the throttle, the forward, and the reverse, and the horns. >> reporter: built by hand in a backyard garage in detroit. >> he has his headlights and taillights. >> reporter: adapting motorcycle and scooter parts, all given new purpose by a father's devogue. >> it has been a labor of love. he's enjoyed it. i've enjoyed him enjoying it. >> i see this as this tangible symbol that always surrounds me in terms of my father's love for me. there's so much love in that car. >> reporter: it is a long way from hand made to mass market. when you see the freedom and fun aaron has with the scooter that even looks cool for a young guy, they think they're on to something. >> i look at the phoenix and i
6:58 pm
say, hey, who says someday we won't be able to build more of them. part to folks. >> reporter: disabled but on the move. a father and son now driving their dream. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, washington. >> what a great idea. you think about a wheelchair or even a segway. it doesn't protect you from the weather. not going to have to worry about rain. >> it will be a great week. no matter what you're driving. it will be fantastic throughout whether you're walking, taking the bike, whatever. 83 degrees. the heat index, 82. dew point around 51 degrees. it is beautiful. high pressure over the region. the area of high pressure sliding to the least warm thing up for the day tomorrow. as a matter of fact, how about this? a high of 90. 86 on wednesday. and then cooling off thursday and friday with the high of 78
6:59 pm
degrees. a 78-year-old grandmother in france survived seven days and six nights outside in a ravine. she did it and survived on only a couple of cookies. her name is michelle. she was on a walk. she fell into a ditch out in the french alpine forest. she spent a week out in the open with nothing to eat except for two cookies that she had in her pocket. rescue crews found the woman on saturday at the bottom of the ravine and piled leaves. she had a few scrapes and bruises but otherwise, she was okay. that's a tough mama there. she told rescuers, she just didn't want to worry her kids. >> missing seven days and she didn't want to worry them? >> that's our broadcast for now.


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